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Best Touristic Places in Kyrenia

A holiday in Kyrenia will never be boring, there are so many things to see and do that you will find yourself busy every day if you choose.  Among the most popular tourist attractions are, Kyrenia Castle, Old Harbour, The Shipwreck Museum, and St. Hilarion Castle.

Kyrenia Castle has been standing since the 7th Century and many believe it was built to protect the town against raids from the Arab lands.  Throughout the centuries, Kyrenia Castle has undergone many restorations especially during the Lusignan period.  Built during an era of knights and archery the castle was designed with this in mind.  During reconstruction in 1489 the castle was remodelled to co-inside with the artillery era.  Two towers were also added but in 1570 the castle was once again under seige and taken over by the Ottomans.  Like any castle built for protection, Kyrenia castle is entered via a bridge built over a moat which was until the 1400’s filled with water. 

Inside Kyrenia castle you will find a Byzantian church and the tomb of the Ottoman Admiral, Sadik Pasha.  There are also the towers, dungeons, an arsenal, a cannon parapet, and the shipwreck museum.  Visiting Kyrenia castle really is an excellent day out for all the family. photo

The Old harbour in Kyrenia is an enjoyable and relaxing day out.  Strolling along the harbour with its calm seas you can take in the amazing views and see the colorful fishing boats and yacths that dock here.  Kyrenia harbour is also framed by Kyrenia Castle and as the sun sets on this sleepy harbour you will be amazed by the buzz and excitement that develops as the restaurants and taverns come alive. photo

For those looking to explore the ancient old world, Kyrenia harbour offers it all.  Lined with restaurants and cafes, strolling along the harbour is a great way to spend a relaxing day.

The Shipwreck Museum located inside Kyrenia Castle is the oldest ship that has been recovered from the sea.  It is said to belong to the hellenistic period and tests have shown that parts of this ship acutally date back to 288 B.C.  This ship is 15 meters in lenght and is constructed from Jerusalem pine.  Found on the wreck were approximately 400 amphoras and 29 bosalt mill stones which may indicate that this ship carried out its buisness on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.  Almond remains that were also discovered lead us to believe that these were the main food supply for the crew of the ship.  This ship is an amazing discovery and one well worth visiting. photo

St. Hilarion Castle was built to defent Cyprus from raiding Arabs and was named after Saint Hilarion.  In the 10th Century a church and monastery were built in this area but the first mentions of the castle were found in 1191.  Although extremely important in its time, St. Hilarion Castle later became a summer retreat for the Lusignan nobility.On visiting St. Hilarion Castle there really is so much to see, from the royal kitchen, to the church and the Lusignan gate.  There is also a courtyard and fantastic views from the Queen’s window on the second floor. photo

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