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Kyrenia – Folk Arts Museum

The Folk Arts Museum is a truly fascinating historical attraction, where you can spend time exploring fascinating architecture, textiles, and more. This museum is located in the Kyrenia Harbour Road, and can be accessed via the main entrances, which come out onto the harbour. You will find traditional Cypriot buildings when you come to the Folk Arts Museum, and there is plenty to explore here.

Visitors to the Folk Arts Museum can enjoy taking in the traditional Cypriot houses that can be found here, and you will find a wide range of Cypriot items within the house on both the lower and upper levels. The houses are two level properties, and are an example of pre XVII architecture. The museum itself opened up in 1974, and has become a very popular place to visit amongst tourists in Kyrenia.

When you explore the ground floor of the museum you will find an array of traditional items ranging from agricultural equipment and cooking utensils to work benches. When you move up to the second floor of the property you will find many other items such as needlework examples, beautiful embroidered items, wooden crafts and carvings, and even bridal wear. You will also find the kitchen area on the upper level, and here you can look at traditional kitchen items such as jugs, mortars, and ceramic items.

Of course, the upper level is also where you will find the bedroom area, and here you will find the wooden bed and cabinet, which has a range of clothes still in. You will also find wooden cupboards and shelving in this area, as well as displays of metal and ceramic cups and other items. You will also be able to combine your exploration of the museum with the beautiful views of the harbour, so you can take in the fascinating exhibitions and architecture as well as the beautiful surroundings.

When you are visiting the Kyrenia area of northern Cyprus this is an excellent place to add to your itinerary, and you can enjoy spending time learning about these eighteenth century buildings and the way that Cypriots lived during this time.

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