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Kyrenia –Port and Marinas

Although Kyrenia may not be an overly populated town, it is still packed full of history and charm.

The port and marina of Kyrenia, otherwise known as Kyrenia harbour is a great place to be especially during the hot summer months.  This is because of the mix of sea breezes and cool mountain air that circulates.  Always busy during the summer months, Kyrenia harbour is packed full of cafes, restaurants, and bars.  There are also some excellent shops too.  The cafes found at Kyrenia harbour were once carob storage warehouses.  This was a major export of Cyprus and these cafes today provide an excellent place to sit back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings.

Shaped like a horseshoe, the harbour at Kyrenia provides tourists with some spectacular views.  From expensive yachts in the marina to fishing boats on their daily trips and not to mention the cruise boats that can take you to some of the best beaches in North Cyrpus.

Kyrenia Port and Marina History

The history of Kyrenia harbour dates back to the 10th century BC but its shape as we know it today only came about during Venetian times.  It was in 1489 that the Venetians changed the island and the harbour to protect it against invasion.  In 1489 Kyrenia was a very important port and it was therefore necessary to protect it. 

Kyrenia castle guards the harbor and its towers mark the entrance to the harbour.  There is also a Marine Marty’s Monument on the opposite side of the harbor entrance which helps to guide sailors.  The custom house is located in the west corner of the harbour and in ancient times a chain gate was stretched across the entrance to prevent enemy ships from entering the harbour.

If you plan on entering Kyrenia marina via yacht you will need to get permission.  Once you have reached the marina you will have to go through immigration and customs procedures and if you are carrying any animals or pets, a Veterinary Officer will be called for quarantine purposes.  Facilities that are available to yacht owners are electricity and water, laundry washing and drying, ship washing, captaincy services, and ship technical services.  Fees for these services are determined annually.  If you plan on traveling to Kyrenia via Yacht it is advisable to contact the port beforehand.




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