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Anthipanitis Church

The Anthipanitis Church is a beautiful and unusual structure, and is located in the attractive and historic area of Kyrenia in northern Cyprus. This church has become a popular choice amongst tourists to the area, as its unusual, Gothic style architecture stands out in this area. This church formed part of the old monastery, and many of the frescoes as well as the entrance date back to the fifteenth century.

You will be able to enjoy a number of fascinating religious portrayals when you visit the Anthipanitis Church, such as the depiction of Mary between Mikhail and the Archangel Gabriel. You can also take in the fascinating ceiling painting at this church, which portrays Jesus surrounded by angels, as well as John the Baptist, Mary, the apostles, and the prophets.

Also known as the Church of Antiphonitis, this church enjoys an incredible location in the mountain region of Kyrenia, and those visiting this historical attraction will also get to take in some glorious views of the coast in northern Cyprus. Although this church has a distinctly Gothic design, it was actually built by a monk, and this was originally in the 12th century. Of course, much of the church is now in ruins, but visitors will be able to view the remains of both the original frescoes and the ones that were added in the fifteenth century.

The Anthipanitis Church enjoys a fascinating history, and was at the center of a legal battle in the late 1990s, after trying to recover stolen frescoes that had been taken from the church and had been found in the possession of a dealer. The church is a must for anyone that is in Kyrenia and wants to explore fascinating architecture and delve into the past of the area, and is well worth adding to your itinerary of places to visit in Kyrenia.

A charming and unusual piece of architecture in this area, the Anthipanitis Church in Kyrenia is definitely worth visiting, and is an excellent place to combine historical exploration with fabulous views of the North Cyprus coast.

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