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The property market in Kyrenia is booming and is in high demand.  If you are interested in purchasing property in Kyrenia, here are a few things you should know.

Non-Cypriot buyers are entitled to purchase a freehold ownership of a villa, apartment, or a piece of land up to 4,013 square meters.  Offshore businesses may also purchase premises or residences for their employees.  All commercial banks in North Cyprus will assist in offering mortgage facilities and the loan will be in foreign currency up to 80% of the property value.  The term of these mortgages is between 7 and 10 years.  If you purchase a property you can sell it at any time with no restrictions.

Kyrenia is a fast growing community and there are a number of developments taking place.  Villas and apartments are on the increase.  You can have your villa designed to provide you with a high quality lifestyle whilst still preserving the natural environment that Kyrenia is known for.  Buying a property in Northern Cyprus is a very good investment opportunity.  Not only do you get a holiday home in a relaxed and natural surrounding but you also get a lot more.  Property in Northern Cyprus is cheap especially when you compare it to the prices in other European countries.  The weather is great and the cost of living is low.  You can acquire property on the beach and there are excellent places to visit and sites to see.

Kyrenia is developing and there are so many new restaurants, cafes, bars, and of course the North Cyprus Golf Course that makes this an excellent location for a property investment.  There are a number of properties that you can choose from.  A villa in the mountain side or one by the beach, the choice is yours.

There is a high demand for property in Kyrenia.  It may not be an extremely busy holiday location but like many others before it, a few years can make a huge difference and property prices are set to soar.  Just like Ayia Napa before it, the time to buy property in Kyrenia is now.




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