Kyrenia North Cyprus

Kyrenia – Basic Information's

Language: Turkish is the official Language in North Cyprus and English is widely spoken and understood by Turkish Cypriots.

Currency: The main Currency is Turkish Lira however The UK Pounds is highly accepted.
1 GBP = ? TL

Credit Card's: MasterCard and VISA are accepted almost everywhere.

Electricity: 220/240 volts AC and The UK type with 3 pins.

Time: North Cyprus(Kyrenia) is 2 hours ahead of GMT.

Population: Kyrenia population is 22.000

University: Girne American University

Traffic: Driving in North Cyprus is same as in The UK, on the left. Max speed is 100 km/hr.

English High School: Girne American High School.

Banks in Kyrenia: Is_bank, HSBC, Garanti Bank

Public Holidays:

  1. January the 1st: New Year's Day
  2. February 1 - 4: Feast of the Sacrifice @
  3. April 23: Children's Day
  4. May 1: Labour Day
  5. May 19: Sports Day
  6. July 20: Peace and Freedom Day
  7. August 1: Social Resistance Day
  8. August 30: Victory Day
  9. October 29: Turkish Republic Day
  10. November 15: Republic Day of TRNC
  11. November 3: Seker Bayram @

    @=The Date may change every year


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