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Buffavento Castle

If you are visiting the beautiful and historical Kyrenia area in northern Cyprus, there are a number of historical attractions that you can enjoy exploring, and one of these is the fascinating Buffavento Castle, which is located on a hill top and is one of three castles that were constructed as a form of defense against Arab attacks. Although this castle is not as well preserved as the other two castles that were also built as part of the line of defense, it is still a place that is well worth visiting and exploring.


You will be fascinated by the Buffavento Castle, which forms a distinctive landmark in the area. The steep pathway leading up to the castle is apparently not as difficult to climb as one might think from the ground, and as you walk the pathway you can enjoy taking in a range of wonderful views. Those planning to walk the steep pathway to the castle should, of course, ensure that they wear appropriate footwear and go armed with a bottle of water.


The name of the castle is derived from the phrase ‘buffeted by the wind’, which is the meaning of the word Buffavento. As the highest of the three castles in Kyrenia, Buffavento Castle also boasts some incredible views, and on a clear day you can enjoy taking in spectacular scenery and surroundings, making this an ideal place for photo opportunities, as well as for historical exploration. The castle enjoys a rich and varied history that dates back centuries, and you will find plenty to explore here.

Once known as the Lion Castle in Medieval times, the Buffavento Castle has been used for everything from a watchtower to a political prison, and the walls and ruins of the castle certainly have many stories to tell. You will be able to explore both the lower ward and the upper ward of the Buffavento Castle, and when you explore the castle from its highest point on the upper ward you can look forward to some incredible views. This is a fascinating historical attraction, and is a must for any itinerary if you are spending time in Kyrenia.

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