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Lambousa, which translates as ‘the shining one’ was once a prosperous area, and is thought to have been founded in the eight century BC by Phoenician traders. Parts of the area still remain today but much of it is not easily accessible due to being located within the confines of an army camp. Lambousa, located in Northern Cyprus, can be reached by walking along the Cyprus coast from Mare Monte Beach.

During the Roman era, the area became a prosperous port area for the town of Lapta, but after continual Arab raids found itself abandoned by the thirteenth century. When you visit Lambousa you will find a rich history and fascinating structures to explore, which help to provide some insight about the various eras of the area.

You will find Roman era fish tanks here, which are large rectangular pools that have been constructed by cutting into the rock. The remains of the Roman harbour wall can also be viewed by visitors, with two churches beyond that wall that can be seen but not explored, as these are within the confines of the army camp.

Early in the twentieth century a number of silver and gold objects from the Byznatine period were also discovered here, and these have become known collectively as the Lambousa Treasure. It is thought that the objects date from between 627 and 630, and may have been buried in order to protect them from raids carried out by the Arabs. However, these finds were sent off and split between various museums, including the Medieval Museum in Limassol, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the British Museum in London.

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