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Kyrenia Sourpmagar Monastery

Founded around 1000AD as a Coptic Monastery, the Sourpmagar Monastery is also known as the Monastery of Mary. The monastery was dedicated to Alexandrian saint Makarios. At the start of the fifteenth century the monastery was passed on to the Armenians, and many Armenian pilgrims used the monastery as a stop off point on their way to Jerusalem. The monastery was also visited by Armenians in the Nicosia area, who used it as a summer camp.

The remains of the Sourpmagar Monastery date back to the nineteenth century, and on its walls Armenian writing has been discovered. The monastery reflects the culture and dwelling of the Armenian community in northern Cyprus. The monastery is located in an attractive mountain area in North Cyprus, and visitors here can enjoy combining their historical and architectural exploration with excellent views and beautiful surroundings.

Amongst the purposes for which the monastery was used was as a school for orphans, which was run by the monks. However, the last monks left the monastery in the early 1900s, but it was still used as a pilgrim’s resting place and a summer camp until 1974.

Although the monastery is now simply ruins, it does reflect a rich history relating to northern Cyprus, and is a fascinating place to visit and explore. Today visitors that come to the ruins also use the spot for picnicking, as it is very peaceful and you can enjoy incredible views. Visitors will also enjoy a tranquil ambiance as they explore the ruins, although the site has unfortunately been targeted by vandals over the years.

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