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No matter where you go on holidays it is essential to try the local cuisine. North Cyprus is full of great restaurants serving a wide range of foods. If you wish to try local cuisine some of the most popular dishes that we recommend are Lahmacun, Manti, Kofte, Molehiya, Imam Bayildi, and Kolakas.

Another extremely popular dish is the kebab and there are a number of different varieties for you to try. These include the Doner kebap, Seftali Kebap, Sis kebap, and Pirzola kebap. The Sis kebap is marinated lamb skewered and grilled over charcoal and is a feast not to be missed. Starters and meze are also very popular.

The two most served meze dishes are grilled haloumi chees and Sigara borek which is feta cheese that has been rolled in filo pastry and then fried. Starters are served both hot and cold and these include salads, meats, vegetables, and fish.

Another local tradition that must be sampled has to be Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is very popular and there are three choices available. Sah-de is unsweetened coffee, ortah is moderately sweet, and shekerli is very sweet.

These are some of the most popular local cuisines available and no matter where you stay in North Cyprus there will be an excellent restaurant serving some of these dishes.



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