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Shopping in Kyrenia !

The main shopping area of Kyrenia is just behind the old harbour.  A series of narrow twisting streets will keep you busy for hours.  Each street is well preserved and has its own unique character.  Whether its retail therapy, high street fashion, or souvenir hunting, Kyrenia has it all and you won’t be disappointed.

Unlike Turkey, haggling is not something that you will find common in Kyrenia.  The statue of the White Dove is where the high street in Kyrenia begins and from here you will find everything from jewelers, grocers, and fine boutiques.  Cigarettes and liquor are extremely popular but it is wise to remember to check your customs allowance before purchasing.

One of the specialties in Kyrenia is fake designer clothing.  These are an excellent buy but the quality and price tends to differ in each shop so it is wise to shop around first.  Although fake, these high quality designer clothes are a fraction of the price you will pay back home. Now-a-days Kyrenia open market is so popular also.

If you need to find a pharmacy, they are located on the high streets.  The Turkish name is Eczane.  If you are looking for glasses, then Akay Optic on the high street is the best place to go.  Gold and silver are extremely popular and the prices are quite reasonable.  The designs vary from traditional to unusual and the price is calculated on the weight of the item you choose to buy.  If you want something special to bring home then you should keep an eye out for the beautiful Ottoman wall mirrors.  These are made of solid silver and look great in any home.

Popular souvenirs include handicrafts, ceramics, basketry, wood carvings, silver and copper products.  Local spirits include raki, brandy, and wine.

Shops in kyrenia are open from 08.00 to 18.00 and most are closed on Sundays.  Most of the shops accepted credit cards, GBP, USD, and Euro but it can sometimes be better to exchange your money into Turkish Lira.
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