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The Advantages Of Buying A Property Direct From A Real Estate Agent In North Cyprus

Buying property in North Cyprus is an excellent idea no matter where you are from. Choosing to purchase your property directly from a real estate agent that resides in North Cyprus is an even better idea.

Most of the real estate agents in North Cyprus have English speaking representatives that can offer you support and advice if you are thinking about buying a property in North Cyprus. These companies also have properties from the top property developers for sales and because they are from North Cyprus, they know the reputation of the builders too. Most North Cyprus real estate agents are extremely careful in selecting the properties they have for sale and you will find bungalows, apartments, villas, and even land for sale.

Purchasing your North Cyprus property through real estate agent from the area is also excellent value for money.

North Cyprus is a beautiful location with miles and miles of spectacular coastline and finding a property close to the sea is easy. Another plus is that the property prices in North Cyprus are still very low.

When you are looking for a real estate agent from North Cyprus you should always check out what criteria they require property developers to fulfil. By knowing this you will know that the property you buy is just what you asked for. Top real estate agents will insist that property developers have a proven track record when it comes to building quality properties in North Cyprus. They will also insist that the property developers have English customers who are satisfied and have received their deeds.

With all that said, here are a few things that you need to know before buying a property in North Cyprus.

Before even visiting a real estate agent you should read up and research property buying in North Cyprus. You should understand this procedure fully before approaching any real estate agent. It is also a good idea to find out about the types of property deeds that there are in North Cyprus too.

Have a good look at North Cyprus as a whole and decide what area you would like to purchase property in. The two main areas are Kyrenia and Famagusta and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Buying Property In Kyrenia

· This is where most English buyers choose to purchase property
· Kyrenia is home to a lovely fishing harbour
· Kyrenia also has stunning views of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other so no matter what type of property you buy you are guaranteed stunning views.
· There are plenty of shops are restaurants in and around Kyrenia

Disadvantages Of Purchasing Property In Kyrenia

· Kyrenia is becoming crowded and congested due to the limited space that is available between the sea and the mountains.
· Land prices have increased as has the cost of property when compared with Famagusta.

Advantages of Purchasing Property in Famagusta Area

· Property is cheap
· There are plenty of sandy beaches and you can walk for miles on them. In Kyrenia there are only a few sandy beaches.
· Famagusta is less crowded
· It is only a 35 minutes drive from Larnaca airport and you can fly direct to this airport as it is situated on the Greek side of the island. All you have to do is cross the border at the Famagusta crossing.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Property in Famagusta Area

· There is only one disadvantage and this is the fact that this area may be a little quite for some people.

As you can see buying property in North Cyprus has both its advantages and disadvantages but having a good real estate agent can make all the difference. They can advise you on what areas will best suit you and your families needs.

North Cyprus was divided until 2003 when the border was opened. Before this, the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides were completely separate and you could not cross between the two. When Greek Cyprus joined the EU it paved the way for the opening of the border and now any EU citizen can cross in and out of North Cyprus.

Property in North Cyprus is much cheaper than that of Southern Cyprus and the scenery is fantastic too.

By having a North Cyprus real estate agent for the purchase of your property you will get a real advantage. These people know the area, can oversee any building work that needs to be done, ensure that works are completed on schedule, take care of all the paper work, and basically oversee the entire project meaning that you don’t need to make frequent unnecessary visits back and forth.

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