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Bellapais Monastery

The Bellapais Monastery is a remarkable piece of religious architecture located in the Kyrenia region of northern Cyprus, and is a wonderful place to visit if you want to combine sightseeing with some fascinating historical exploration. Located in the majestic Five Finger Mountains in Kyrenia, this monastery is a fine example of Gothic architecture, and is thought to have been started between 1198 and 1205, with more sections being added after 1267 and after 1324.

The Bellapais Monastery is also known as the Peace Monastery, and this is because it takes its name from "Abbaye de la paix", which in French means the Peace Monastery. Visitors to this fascinating attraction will find plenty to explore, and can spend time taking in the Gothic art as well as exploring the monastery and its surroundings. You will find that the church that is located next to the courtyard is in good condition, and is a great place to explore.

When you visit the Bellapais Monastery you should also pay a visit to the refectory where you can enjoy taking in the wonderful Gothic art. Explore the priests’ rooms that are located to the east of the courtyard. You will find the dormitories and chamber of accounts on the upper level. Explore the marble tombs in the courtyard, and take in the insignias of the Jerusalem, Lusignan, and the Cyprus Kingdoms, which can be found on the door behind the tombs.

In addition to enjoying the historical value and architectural beauty of the Bellapais Monastery, you can also enjoy spending time in a beautiful part of Kyrenia, and enjoying stunning views and surroundings. The Bellapais Monastery is just one of a number of historical places of interest in the Kyrenia area, and is definitely a place you should visit if you want to enjoy historical exploration, take in Gothic art and architecture, and enjoy spending time exploring one of Kyrenia’s popular historical attractions. The Bellapais Monastery has become a distinctive landmark in the area, and has become known as one of the great Gothic architectural treasures of Europe. 

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